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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Considered Hero After Police Kill

Thursday, January 21, 2010 - 10:24 wib

Fajar Nugraha - Okezone
Zhang Xuping adolescents considered heroes by the citizens (Photo: AP)

BEIJING - The task is to protect the police and protect the public, but not all the police seem unable to carry out these tasks. Corrupt police who extort people like the security it disrupting the local environment.

As a result of this behavior, police officers in the city Xiashuixi, China, lost his life due to frequent extortion, torture, and the land confiscated for no reason local property. But the death of a member of the police, Li Shiming makes Xiashuixi villagers now feel secure without interruption.

Uniquely, the murderer Li, 19-year-old became a hero in the midst of people who feel free of corrupt police conduct. Zhang Shuming Li Xuping kill the messenger a villager Xiashuixi other and earn a reward money of 1,000 yuan or approximately Rp1.3 million (Rp1.365 per yuan).

Li Xuping known in his heart stabbed to death when members of the police at a meeting at Li's conduct. Knowing the victim was alone, direct Xuping and stabbed the victim died before he could toward the hospital.

Xuping now faced with the death penalty after he confessed to the murder to the authorities of China. Death sentence was immediately invited to feel sympathy for people who Xuping Zhang a hero who freed them from corrupt police.

Approximately 21 thousand citizens of Xiashuixi write a petition to beg forgiveness for Xuping. They want teens is free of any claims.

According to several people, Xuping actions saved the lives of the entanglement Li Shuming. "When I heard Li Shiming killed, people feel happy because the police were doing a lot of crime and making the villagers suffer," said a villager Zhang Weixing as quoted by the Associated Press, Thursday (21/1/2010).

Zhang Weizing who do not have a relationship with the killer's brother, also admitted if Li Shiming has been confiscated by force an area of 3.3 hectares of his property and build a house on the land. Corrupt cops even hired thugs to beat him, his wife and son as they tried to stop the action Li Shiming.

While in court, the perpetrator Xuping Zhang said, the apology to the family of Li. But the apology was rejected by the police oldest child, and expect the death penalty can be carried out against the perpetrators.

According to Li's son, his father's death has made his family very badly affected. Younger brother and sister now and even had to stop while out of school due to the focus, because they still remember their father.

Before Zhang's case, there are two similar cases have ever occurred in China. The first case occurred in June last year when a woman stabbed a politician China when politicians are forced to have sex. But the woman freed from all charges to avoid criticism.

But unlike the case of Yang Jia in 2008, the man who killed six members of the police with a vengeance this reason, it was sentenced to death by the court. The court disregarded Yang Jia information, which was tortured by six police officers accused of stealing a bicycle when he was proven not yet committed a theft.

Zhang's case is now facing the court Xuping China is expected to hear the voice of the people. This case reflects the desperation of poor people of China to seek justice when pressured or abused by local officials. (faj) (RHS)


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